Support Action at Our School!

Thank you for choosing to support Action at Caleb Greenwood! Your support will make a significant difference as we work together to deliver on our school mission: to provide an inclusive, rigorous and transformative program with a compassionate, unified commitment to social justice and action. Your donation will help us build our Caleb Action Center (CAC)– a place where kids and adults will learn, think, inquire, reflect, play, build, create and take action to create a better and more peaceful world. You can expect the CAC to be a positive, affirming, culturally responsive place where, with your help, we serve and empower every member of our school community!

Please explore our Vision Boards to explore the types of items to which your donation will contribute such as IB Learner Profile and culturally responsive book collections, updated technology, flexible furniture, outside learning space equipment and more!

Items we need

  • Interactive Smart Board!


  • Kids’ Education Station!


  • Cast Aluminum Picnic Bench!


  • Read Aloud Chair!


  • Collaborative Tables!


  • Read Aloud Carpet!


  • Tree Circle Benches!


  • iPads!


  • Communicator Starter Pack!


  • Umbrella Stands!


  • Reflective Starter Pack!


  • Balanced Starter Pack!


  • Caring Stater Pack!


  • Knowledgeable Starter Pack!


  • Risk-Taker Starter Pack!


  • Who We Are Starter Collection!


  • Qball Throwable Wireless Microphone!


  • Children’s Reading Chairs!


  • Soft Seating Collaborative Moons!


  • Mobile Plastic Stack Chairs Set of 2!


  • Principled Starter Pack!


  • Inquirer Starter Pack!


  • Thinker Starter Pack!


  • Open-Minded Starter Pack!


  • Indoor/Outdoor Stacking Stool Set of 4!


  • Floor Cushions with Handles Set of 6!


  • Build A Media Center!


  • Build A Learning Space!